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CNC Programming Handbook, 2nd Edition Extra Quality

The "CNC PROGRAMMING HANDBOOK", by Peter Smid is an incredibly detailed and helpful book for those seeking to learn and understand the concepts behind programming CNC machine tools. Although most programming is now done with the aid of CAM programs which generate G-code based on a drawing of the part to be machined, the complexities of CNC machining demand that the operator have a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of CNC programming. Between configuring a post processor in your CAM program, fixing simple errors in a generated program "on the fly", and entering single lines in a machine's MDI mode, the uses for a book like this cannot be understated. Besides the lessons in programming, the book also covers strategies for programming various cycles and tool changes. The included CD-Rom contains tests, projects, and other ephemera which make the book a useful teaching tool.

CNC Programming Handbook, 2nd Edition

Reading this book will not only make you a better CNC programmer, but it will unlock the potential of codes and techniques that you may not have known existed, or thought too complex to incorporate in your machining. For the student, engineer or machinist there is no better guide to CNC programming than this book.

"I appreciate the review you wrote and the excellent resources on your site, but I feel you have omitted an important aspect of the book from your review. I own and have read most of the CNC Programming Handbook (2nd Edition) by Peter Smid, and I'm afraid I hold it much lower regard than your review. For the 2nd edition of a $50-75 book to have escaped being proofread is simply unconscionable. Smid's use of the English language is frequently incomprehensible, and his grammar and syntax skills poor at best. I strongly recommend anyone considering the purchase of this book flip through it prior to purchase. You may find it not worth the effort. This book was the first CNC programming book I purchased (largely on the basis of your review), and I admit I learned a lot from Smid's treatment of the subject. However, I also wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what he meant. In the future, I plan to be extremely cautious about buying books by Industrial Press. I have several others by them, and Smid's is by far the worst job of proofreading."

Covering all aspects of CNC machining and programming, and offering expandedinformation on high-speed CNC machines and machining, this book will be ofinterest to students, technicians, and engineers alike.

The course will focus mostly on traditional imperative and object-oriented languages, but will also cover functional and logic programming, concurrency issues, and some aspects of scripting languages. Homework and tests will cover language issues. You will design and implement a language of your own design in a semester-long group project.

Alfred V. Aho, Monica Lam, Ravi Sethi, and Jeffrey D. Ullman. Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools. Addison-Wesley, 2006. Second Edition. The first edition was long the standard text on compilers; the secondedition of the ``dragon book'' has now been updated and continues tobe one of the more readable books on the topic. Columbia'sown Prof. Al Aho is one of the authors.

Lawrence C. PaulsonML for the Working Programmer. Cambridge University Press, 1996. Second edition.A book about functional programming. It's written for the MLlanguage, not O'Caml, but the two are closely related.

You will collaborate with your own small group on the programming project, but you may not collaborate with others on homeworks. Groups may share ideas about the programming assignments, but not code. Any two groups found submitting similar code will receive zero credit for the whole assignment, and repeat offenses will be referred to the dean. See the Columbia CS department academic policies for more details. 041b061a72


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