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Yerofey Konstantinov
Yerofey Konstantinov

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ansi-asme thermomechanical simulation codes for thermal-hydraulic systems are available for single and multi-physics modeling in ansys workbench. these codes are also available to ansys workbench as ansys thermo-mechanical simulation codes. these products include ansys mechanical and ansys thermo-mechanical.

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ansys workbench combines ansys multi-physic and ansys boost into a single package. this comprehensive simulation environment enables engineers to simulate their designs in a single workflow. simulations using ansys workbench are also supported on windows 10.

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ansys verisuite is the only three-dimensional simulation solution to provide workflow optimization and the best physical-based optimization. so you can be more efficient and productive than ever before. and better manage risks. as part of the ansys verisuite family, it has the widest range of physics and is the only solution to simulate and optimize design within any applications. so you can accurately predict performance, reliability and safety. and identify design risks during the early design stages.

also new is ansys manufacturing design competition. the worlds largest open competition. and designed to promote innovation and creativity. and to challenge. so with the best design ideas. and outstanding manufacturing solutions. and to inspire the next generation of engineers. and with students. around the world. in three stages.


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