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Leonardo Brown
Leonardo Brown

Buy C'est Moi Leggings UPDATED

It's a pretty sure bet that one of our sales associates is wearing a pair of C'est Moi leggings on any day. Durable, soft, and comfortable--they don't bag out at the knee and are resistant to fading.

buy c'est moi leggings

These super-soft, naturally breathable and eco-friendly leggings have a lot going for them. The bamboo holds it's rich, dark black color. The one size label fits anywhere from size 2 to 14. And yes, we have sold them that way in our store. In our opinion a petite wardrobe essential. Once you have experienced any pair of bamboo leggings, you may not wear nylon or cotton again. In our experience, nylon pills and cottons fades way too fast. A customer favourite in our store. Just might be the best pair of leggings you get at this price.

One hardly stops to realize that the catalog is a commercial outlet, not a lifestyle consultant. The gear thing is a dream of constant "possession upgrade," life enhancement. It is toying with "life as it ought to be." It is buying into a vision quest of materiel perfection. As if to say, "I am the items in the catalog," or "L.L.Bean, c'est moi." 041b061a72


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