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Buy Audi S4

1) Infotainment SystemCritics say that the MMI control layout is unintuitive. It has been said that the control system of the Audi's MMI somewhat complicates most of the climate and audio functions.2) Cargo StorageAt 12.4 cubic feet, the 2016 S4 trunk space is rather low for that vehicle class. The cabin storage is subpar, as it only consists of a deep glove box, small map pockets on the doors and a center console.3) Nothing Really NewEssentially, the Audi S4 is unchanged from the 2015-year model. Being a crossover, you should not expect too many options or new goodies from the S4 of 2016. By no means is it a fresh model entry into the market, and is in fact to be replaced come 2017. How It Stacks Up to The Competition: Being of the same class, it is possible to compare the 2016 Audi S4/A4 with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Lexus RC models.

buy audi s4

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