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Buy Floating Candles In Bulk

Large floaters candles, size: 3 inches (D) x 1 3/16 inches (H), bulk packed Our discount (bulk wholesale) 3 inch large available in Off-white (Pale Ivory) white and ivory floating candles are wax discs made to be burned while floating in a liquid such as a vase or bowl filled with water. Similar to our pillar candles, our floaters are compression molded and then over-dipped. This allows them also to be burned as a mini pillar in any suitable candle holder. Our quick shipping ensures you get the candles you need when you need them.

buy floating candles in bulk


Bulk Wholesale Floating Candles Enjoy cheap bulk wholesale pricing on our entire selection of floating candles. Great for adding ambience at restaurants and weddings but can also add special warmth to almost any setting. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Floating Candles Choose from our selection of small, medium, large and extra large floating candles. Discount prices are an every day event on our entire selection. Floating Candles for Pools Customers love to decorate swimming pools with our white floating candles.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Avoid burning candles near combustible materials. Always store candles in a cool, dark, dry place. They should be stored flat to prevent warping. Do not place candles in drafts to prevent rapid and uneven burning and excessive dripping. Always keep wicks trimmed to one-half inch. Long or crooked wicks cause uneven burning and dripping. Candles will fade if left in the light for an extended period. Never put candles in a window or directly expose to bright outdoor light or indoor spotlights. Candles should always be burned in proper candle-holders or bases and should be a minimum of two and a half inches apart from each when burning outside a holder. Extinguish candles with a candle snuffer. If a wick becomes too short to light, carve away enough wax to expose the fresh wick, then trim 1/4" off the top of the candle and burn the candle to reform its appearance (tapers are the exception to this rule).

When value and quality is essential, wholesale floating candles are a classic and timeless candle ideal for home decor and weddings. Bulk Floating Candles are inexpensive and a perfect choice when trying to arrange a wedding on a budget. Dazzle your guests with a night to remember by creating a beautiful candle arrangement with multiple unscented floating candles as your wedding reception candle centerpieces. We offer the largest collection online with 45 trendy colors hand over dipped, essential for color coordinating for all occasions. Made in North America.

I'll be sure to do that before the wedding- just incase. These candles are said to have a 4 and 10 hour burn time and both had great reviews, so I don't think I have too much to worry about. THanks Haley!

Floating Candles. High quality, low priced and long burn standard floating candles available in a range of colours. The London Candle Company supply the best quality candles. Popular for use indoors in a bowl of water or outdoors in a pond or swimming pool. A stylish decoration and interesting alternative to standard candles. Perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere our candles have a long burn time and they burn with a good sized flame.

Foton bulk bag is perfect for event designers or companies like spas or restaurants where large quantities of candles are regularly used for décor. Refillable Foton candles are more practical alternatives to traditional pillar candles as they can be refreshed to look brand new each time they're lit with minimal effort. Just pick up the wick after it cools and insert a new wick for the next event. Our pearls leave almost no residue on your vases, leaving them super easy to clean up after the event.

Pearled candles are also safer than traditional candles as they self-extinguish when tipped over. Yes, it will spill the pearls and make a bit of a mess, but it's easy to sweep or vacuum up, and much easier to clean up than regular candle wax. If some of the melted portion ends up on the floor or carpet, it can easily be scraped to turn into dust and then vacuumed up.

One of the images presented here is an example of what can be made from one bulk bag, but the design possibilities are endless. You can also switch up the setup by pouring the pearls into different vases to match your design needs for each event.

Please note that while our white pearls float on water, our colored pearls are not currently suitable for floating candles. Contact us for a quote for larger bulk quantities (10+ bags per month or greater) and custom colors.

"Made In the USA - I am getting married to my boyfriend of 7 years, who was actively in the military our whole relationship. It was important to us to get wedding items made in the USA in order to support our country. We love where these wedding candles are made and we love this company for supporting American products."

"Thankful for Safety - Living in a place with a lot of hurricanes, our family always buys a lot of candles. When we heard that one was a threat, we bought a ton of emergency fuel cell candles to keep our family safe. We were without power for 2 weeks and these survival candles were our life saver. Thank you for keeping my family in as much comfort as they could with these candles."

"Church Service - Our church was having a big event. We needed a lot of taper candles for our prayer time, and it was so beautiful. The candles lit up the room in such an amazing way. The view melted my heart and gave me and my grandchildren amazing memories. Thank you for these candles."

"Small Business - My restaurant was having a big birthday party for a sweet 16. We ordered all the votive candles from this site. They came in a good timely manner and were very bright. Will be ordering again."

"Unscented Good Candles - Candles are normally all throughout my home, but I am very sensitive to the smells they let off. When I found this site selling these unscented tealight candles in bulk, I had to buy some. I love my candles and I love that they are unscented!"

"Big Wedding - I needed to order wedding candles in bulk for my upcoming wedding. This company was perfect at sending a large amount of good quality candles! I will definitely recommend this for my friend's upcoming wedding!"

"Christmas Party - I had been planning a Christmas party since late September 2017. I wanted a lot of pillar candles for the dinner, so I ordered a set of 12 from this website. They burned all day and night. It was wonderful."

"Luminary Candles - I am a lover of candles. I wanted big and bright candles for my son's wedding. The customizing options for the larger wicks was awesome. My son will have the brightest wedding ever!"

Many of our floating candles and floating gel candles are available in bulk packs at even deeper discounts. Our bulk floating candles and bulk floating gel candles are the same high quality floating candles we offer in small packs. Bulk floating candles from are great for weddings and other special events. Place bulk floating candles in table top containers or in a swimming pool and ejoy a special back yard get together. Bulk floating candles are often used by wedding and event planners, but why not stock up on your own favorite styles and colors and enjoy the greatest savings and value available? Shop today for a wide variety of bulk floating candles.

Pillar candles look best placed in a trio on a tray or individually in glass hurricane candle holders. Pillar candles can really add up in price, so it is best to buy in bulk for weddings, especially candles with a long burn time and dripless wick. These by Bolsius offer both for a great price.

Love mason jars for favors or centerpiece lighting? You can buy bulk candles from Mason Jar Warehouse and get these charming mason jar candles. In addition, you can give them out as favors by adding simple jar labels (available here and easy to customize).

If the strong smell of scented candles aggravates your sniffer, these unscented Bolsius candles are for you. Their high-quality, vegan wax doesn't soot or smoke, making it unlikely to irritate allergies, and they burn brightly and evenly, according to the buyers that love them.

If floating candles are your jam, consider investing in this bulk set of 72. While you'll pay a decent amount up front, it ultimately shakes out to less than a dollar per candle, which is a total bang for your buck. (You can also choose from smaller or larger sets to ensure you have the best count for your needs.) Fragrance-free, dripless and smokeless, these also have a near-perfect rating from customers who say they're worth the wait.

These pretty floating candles come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match. These also come with the pictured glass cylinder holders, making for a classy built-in decoration. No muss, no fuss!

The 4-inch diameter of this set of three makes these candles the widest to grace our list (and likely, the most stable of the bunch). They've got a six-hour burn time (plenty long enough to last a whole party through!), and a fragrance-free, hand-poured wax that won't irritate your senses.

Bring some romantic vibes into your home with these elegant, fragrance-free candles that are ideal for your holiday tablescape. The company claims they last for up to five hours and have a lead-free cotton wick. They also leave minimal wax drippage behind for a slow, steady burn.

Every day, we strive to provide premium quality products, at warehouse prices, with friendly customer service. We provide some of the largest selection of scented and unscented candles of all shapes and sizes for an assortment of customers and friends and for so many different events.We know you will love our customer centered attitude and most of all, our beautiful and plain awesome products. 041b061a72


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