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The Border G-Man

The writer had managed to cram more words into his memo by reducing the size of the margins. Hoover responded by writing on the memo, "Watch the borders!" When Hoover's subordinates saw the note, they assigned hundreds of special agents to guard our national borders with Mexico and Canada.

The Border G-Man

One day a memo on internal security that had been sent up to Hoover came back with a message in the familiar scrawl: "Watch the borders! H." Telephones began to ring all over the building, everyone asking the same question: "Is there anything going on in Mexico or Canada we should know about?" "Maybe we ought to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service." Somebody said, "Why don't you just ask Hoover what he knows that we don't know?" But no one wanted to show his ignorance. So we called Customs and they didn't know any more than we did.

Several days later a supervisor was again reviewing the memo when the answer to the question jumped out and smacked him in the face. The memo had been typed with the narrowest possible margins. Hoover, always fastidious, had picked up his pen and in annoyance had scrawled, "Watch the borders!"

Through the magic of retelling, a few phone calls made to see if something was up with America's northern and southern neighbors was transformed into coveys of G-men being sent scurrying to defend the nation's shared borders.

Light behaves oddly in Xen. Looking at the different skybox textures, there are multiple sources for light in the border world, either through glowing clouds of gas or (in some cases) what seems to be a star or some other stellar body.

That year was both formative and legendary for the brand-new federal organization. In the teeth of the Depression, notorious bank robbers were using jurisdictional boundaries to evade local law enforcement, which demanded the use of a new federal force charged with the pursuit of these public enemies across all borders, to capture or kill.

According to court documents, later during the day on January 19, 2022, USBP received a report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that four deceased individuals were found just inside the Canadian side of the international border. The deceased were tentatively identified as the family of four that was separated. Two of the surviving Indian nationals sustained serious injuries and were transported to a hospital.

The first recaps Half-Life, detailing the Black Mesa Facility, what went wrong with the experiment, the discovery of the border world Xen, and G-Man's involvement. But it goes a step further, tying in Half-Life 2's new characters retroactively, giving them a place in the first game's story more directly. For instance, in the first issue, we see G-Man bringing an alien crystal to Eli Vance, with administrator Wallace Breen also bringing Gordon into the fold.

1. For the purpose of the administration of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations and vehicle border clearance for imported vehicles, the following definitions will apply:

4. Prior to declaring a vehicle at the border, the importer is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the importation have been researched to comply with all legislative provisions, They should also contact their insurance provider and provincial or territorial licensing authority to determine what (if any) provincial requirements they will need to adhere to in order to import and licence a vehicle in their province or territory.

The CBSA entry documentation must clearly reflect both of the above elements (vehicle manufacturer and vehicle class) to be granted border clearance via the Appendix G Pre-clearance Program. Importers must submit a Form 1 to obtain border clearance. A single form can be submitted with an attached sheet listing several vehicles, rather than submitting one form per vehicle. The consolidation sheet shall include the VIN, make and model, date of manufacture of the vehicle, and vehicle class for each vehicle being imported. The CBSA will stamp the consolidation sheet with a CBSA office date stamp and will notate the transaction number. In such cases the attached listing must also be forwarded to the RIV, along with the Form 1.

Under certain circumstances, trailers can be considered non-regulated under the MVSA when they exceed 102 inches in overall width and/or designed to perform work-related functions. When a trailer qualifies for entry as a work vehicle, its entry is to be recorded according to the non-regulated vehicle border clearance process.

Trucks and trailers used in the performance of agricultural work but designed for highway use (e.g., silage trucks, stock trailers, etc.) are not considered agricultural vehicles and must qualify for importation as a regulated class vehicle under established border clearance procedures.

A mobile home is a vehicle that is more than 102 inches in overall width and is designed to be drawn behind another vehicle and to be used as a living or working accommodation unit. Its entry is to be recorded according to the non-regulated vehicle border clearance process.

A request to temporarily import a non-compliant vehicle via a TC TVIS permit for the above prescribed purposes must be submitted to and approved by TC prior to presenting a vehicle at the Canadian border.

Inadmissible vehicles are vehicles that do not qualify for entry under any of the established RIV and non-RIV border clearance guidelines. The following sections provide additional information about known circumstances leading to vehicles being inadmissible for importation into Canada.

To be considered admissible importers must submit evidence from the vehicle modifier or final stage manufacturer stating that the modified vehicle complies with all applicable standards, to TC prior to presenting the vehicle at the border, so as to obtain a TC CBC authorization. Modified vehicles without this evidence will be denied entry to Canada.

This email is to report problems or inaccuracies on a page. Spam and comments containing offensive language will be reported or deleted. For help with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) programs or services, contact border information services.

Little is known about the Employers, other than what little was implied by their representative, The G-Man (the term 'employers' was used by the G-Man in reference to them, and even this term was used after a moment of hesitation, implying the name was simply something he improvised while in conversation with Gordon Freeman). The earliest known example of the Employers' meddling is the Black Mesa incident, when the G-Man provided the anomalous materials researchers there with a crystal specimen from the border-world Xen, and even recommended analysing it with the Anti-mass Spectrometer at a higher-than-normal capacity, directly causing the resonance cascade that drew the Combine to Earth. During this incident, the G-Man monitored theoretical physicist, Gordon Freeman, as he fought through hordes of aliens teleported from Xen, as well as the HECU marines sent to cover-up the incident. When Gordon travelled to Xen and killed the Nihilanth leading the invasion, the G-Man saved him from the Nihilanth's destructive death throes, stating that the Employers had authorised him to offer Gordon either 'a job' befitting his capabilities, or certain death on Xen, in response to his recommendation on the scientist. Gordon accepted the G-Man's offer and became trapped in suspended animation. During the Black Mesa incident, the G-Man also monitored a HECU marine, corporal Adrian Shephard. Fighting through Xen aliens and an incursion of Race X, Shepard disarmed a nuclear warhead a military black-ops unit intended to use to destroy Black Mesa. However, the G-Man reactivated the warhead and extracted Shepard before it detonated. Despite his vouching for Shepard's skill and likely discretion for his knowledge of what happened at Black Mesa, the Employers deemed him a liability, and so had him detained outside of time and space for the foreseeable future.


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